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What is Debtor Finance?

Debtor Finance is a finance facility that uses a business’s accounts receivable ledger as collateral. Cashflow Finance purchases unpaid invoices from business owners and pays them up to 80 per cent of the balance due on each invoice in advance, usually within 24 hours. When the invoices are settled the remainder of the balance is forwarded, less fees.

With Debtor Finance you use money you are owed to free up working capital. There’s no need to worry about extra debt or ongoing bank commitments. If your business has customers on payment terms of 30 to 90 days, and they often pay late, Debtor Finance is a worthwhile option.

Cashflow Finance has two solutions in our Debtor Finance range: Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting.


Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring is for businesses needing assistance establishing a regular, reliable cashflow and who want to outsource the collections process.


Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting is for established businesses needing cashflow assistance while remaining in control of their accounts receivable processes.

How we help you.

Cashflow Finance provides Debtor Finance for Australian businesses of all sizes. Learn more below about the cashflow finance funding solutions we offer.

Protects personal assets

With Debtor Finance there is no need for company directors to put up personal property as collateral. Financing is secured purely by the business’s accounts receivable ledger.

Extra working capital

Extra working capital means security and peace of mind. It also allows you to reinvest in your business for future growth.

Increased buying power

More working capital means more money to increase the size of bulk orders, which often attracts supplier discounts.

Seize on opportunities for business expansion

Having reliable cashflow means you can take advantage of opportunities to grow your business when they arise.

Easier than traditional bank finance

Debtor Finance is easier to access than a secured overdraft or loan from a bank. The application process is simple and you can have access to the money you need in 24 hours.

Debtor finance is flexible – it grows with you

As your business grows and your sales increase, so does the line of finance available to you. 

Protect your business and watch it grow.

Boost your cashflow without the need for extra debt.

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