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Need new equipment for your business?

Stress-free Equipment Finance.

There will come a time when you need to spend money on upgrading equipment, machinery or vehicles. It’s a fact of business life. If you don’t take the opportunity to do it, you’re squandering your time and money.

While upgrading may be costly, it increases your business potential. You’ll produce more, sell more and ultimately earn more, recouping costs and reaching a better financial position.

How we help

Cashflow Finance offers Equipment Finance for Australian businesses. We don't make you jump through impossible hoops - we are more flexible with your past credit history, the size of your business, the age of your assets and how long you’ve been in business. Learn more below about the benefits of our cashflow finance funding solutions.

Tailored to your business

We work with businesses to tailor a plan and repayments that suit you and your business now and into the future. We also offer flexibility when it comes to past credit history and require minimal financials for transactions under $75,000.

Loan amounts for big and small purchases

Our competitive rates, fast approval and loan amounts of between $20,000 to $500,000 will get you the equipment you need when you need it, not when you can afford to purchase it outright.

New and used equipment

Choose to upgrade your existing equipment with either new or used machinery, vehicle or equipment, with no age restrictions.

We structure finance to suit you

We understand that not all businesses are the same, we structure our solutions creatively to suit your business and asset position.

Activate the equity in your existing equipment and machinery

Use your equity in your existing equipment and machinery to provide a cash injection for the business to enable management buyouts, free up equity or take advantage of business opportunities quickly

Take advantage of new opportunities.

Won a new opportunity or have a new client, but don't have the right equipment or technology? Don't let the lack of capital or appropriate equipment hold you back. Our equipment finance works quickly and flexibly so that your business can compete, grow, and even pivot!

Don't let outdated equipment impact your productivity.

Get the equipment you need now without impacting the future growth of your business.

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