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What is Trade Finance?

Trade Finance gives businesses that import products from overseas the ability to pay international suppliers upfront without having to spend their own working capital.

This gives business some financial 'breathing room', to import products from overseas, then have more cash to improve, mark-up and sell those products in Australia.

This works in conjunction with our Debtor Finance product, so, as you raise invoices, you then repay the loan from your available funds.


How we help you.

Cashflow Finance offers Trade Finance for Australian businesses looking to level up. Learn more below about the Trade Finance solutions we can help you with.

More flexible than traditional funding

Trade Finance provides a more cost-effective and flexible solution than is offered by the banks.

Make the most of business opportunities

Buy the stock you need, get it shipped and get it sold quicker than normal when you have an established form of Trade Finance.

Increased buying power

Prompt payment to suppliers can attract substantial savings and discounts for bulk purchases.

Trade Finance mitigates risk

Trade Finance mitigates payment and supply risks by ensuring suppliers are paid quickly and importers receive goods as ordered.

An all-in-one solution

Cashflow Finance provides comprehensive Trade Finance services, with the option of also including logistics and freight.

Access to experts

We work alongside you and provide expert solutions for all your trade, logistics, freight and currency requirements. 


Open up new markets and watch your business grow.

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